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Romance Novel - Book cover - Fitness - Editorial


Sammi Cee
J E Daelman 05
Evie McGlynn
Skyler Snow 01
Patricia D. Eddy 14
J E Daelman 04
Lisa Oliver 30
Kelly Moore 05
Cora Kenborn
Hadley Raydeen 2
Patricia D. Eddy 12
Annelise Reynolds 03
J E Daelman 03
Kelly Moore 02
Kelly Moore 03
Kelly Moore 04
Hope Ford 01
Louisa Masters 01
Leslie North 09
J E Daelman 02 a
Elizabella Baker
Riley Edwards 05
Amarie Avant 01
Amarie Avant 02
Amarie Avant 03
Amy Booker 01
Amy Booker 02
Amy Booker 03
Ellie Masters 2
J E Daelman
Ellie Masters
Giulia Lagomarsino 03
Amy Davies 02
Leslie North 07
TL Travis 02
Charity Parkerson 2
Leslie North 01
Leslie North 02
Leslie North 03
Leslie North 04
Leslie North 05
Leslie North 06
Eden Finley 01
Jenna Gunn 01
Carson Mackenzie 03
Quell T Fox 01
Jaclyn Osborn 8
Frances Regan
Trish McCallan 01
Cara Carnes 07
Reese Knightley
Giulia Lagomarsino 01
Amy Davies 01
Cara Carnes 05
K-Lee Klein 02
Irish-Winters 08
Patricia D. Eddy 06
Patricia D. Eddy 07
Patricia D. Eddy 08
L.N. Manning 02
Nora Phoenix 01
Piper Stone 1
Patricia D. Eddy 10
Vicious Protector by Maggie ColeMaggie Cole
Harry Wallett Katie Knight 2
Kimberly Readnour
Sheri Lynn
Michelle Fernandez 1
Katherine Rhodes 1
Hadley Raydeen 2
Charity Parkerson
Ari McKay Rachel Langella
Katie Knight
S M Shade
Irish-Winters 08
Irish-Winters 07
Brenda K Davies
Red Phoenix 01
Jason Collins 03
TL Travis 01
Ethan Stone 01
Loki Renard 04
Ann Grech 01
R.E. Butler 01
Rebecca Thein 02
Cara Carnes 03
Cara Carnes 02
Loki Renard 03
Ali Parker
Amy Bellows
Riley Edwards
Patricia D
L.N. Manning 01
Iris McKairin 01
Siobhan 6
Jacki James 01
Lisa Oliver 28
Lane Hart 01
CA Clark
Loki Renard 02
Ann Lister 17
Nicky James 1
Elle Keaton 01
Riley Edwards 01
Emery Jacobs 01
JP kenwood 02
Lisa Oliver 24
Irish-Winters 03
Patricia D. Eddy 02
Jaclyn Osborn 05
Cara Carnes 01
Becky McGraw 02
Amy Moler 2
Tina Saxon
K L Donn 5
Rebecca Thein
Carson Mackenzie
Carson Mackenzie 02
Lisa Oliver 23
Patricia D. Eddy
Linny Lawless
Manda Mellett
Jane Henry 2
Jaimie Roberts
Mardi Mawell
Jane Henry
Dora Esquivel 2
Siobhan 5
JB Heller Jemma Brown 1
JB Heller Jemma Brown 2
Jaclyn Osborn 3
Kris Michaels 1
Erin Osborne 1
Lisa Oliver 22
Irish-Winters 2
Sybil Bartel
Liz Durano 2
Ezra Dawn (Amanda)
Loki Renard
Christi Snow 1
Taylor Rylan 2a
Chelsea Handcock 1
Weston Parker 5
Lisa oliver 20
Taylor Rylan
Dora Esquivel
Abigail Davies b
Liz Durano
Amy Moler
Michelle Dare 2
ann lister 12
Lisa oliver 18
Michelle Dare a
Lisa oliver 17
Glenna Sinclair 3
Glenna Sinclair 2
Siobhan 4
Weston Parker 4
Nikki Worrell
Anna Brooks
Nicole Snow
Weston Parker 3
Weston Parker 2
Weston Parker 1
Ann Lister 9
Ann Lister 3
Madison Faye
Lisa oliver 12
Lisa oliver 11
KL Shandwick
Siobhan 3 profil
Lisa 9
Jaclyn Osborn
Lisa oliver 8
Siobhan 2 tease
xavier neal 2 a
Lisa Oliver 4 profil
Ann Lister 8
nicholas bella
xavier neal 888
Jenna Galicki 4a
xavier neal 3a
Jo Raven 3
Xavier Neal 7a
xavier neal 1a
Kaje Harper 3
K L Donn 3
sarah grimm 3
Siobhan 2 profil
Xavier neal 9 2
Lisa oliver 2 profil
nicholas bella 4
Sans titre-1
Lisa Oliver 6 1
Lisa Oliver 7 a
Lisa Oliver 5 profil
Lexi Post - Syneca Featherstone cover artist 2
JP kenwood 4
cj pinard Kellie Denis
Ann Lister
Amy Rachiele 2
Jaclyn Osborn 6
Glenna Sinclair
Lisa oliver 14
Nora Flite
Lisa Oliver 81
Lisa Oliver 80
Jason Collins 02



All images in my gallery are available for exclusive license


The license gives you exclusive rights to use the picture for one book cover and all other promotional material related to the title (Teasers, bookmarks, post cards ...)

The Exclusive License is for unlimited numbers of prints for unlimited period of time.

The picture will be delivered to you by WeTransfer in high res. 300 DPI and uncropped


Once a picture from my galley is sold, it will be deleted from the gallery .  All similar images (same clothes with similar poses ) will be deleted from the gallery as well

PRICES (model's fee included)

Photo with one model ... $375 USD 

Photo with 2 models (couple) ... $475 USD

Photo with 3 models ... $525 USD 


Payment plans are available

Valentine sale site.jpg

View the galleries for available images

Note that some images in the galleries are in black & White,

it's an artistic choice of mine, but those pictures are also available in color. Ask me for the color version; I'll be happy to send it to you.

The images are also cropped, but when purchasing an image I will send you the uncropped version to make it easier for your cover designer to fit it on your cover.

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