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Irish's Resolve

Author: Carson Mackenzie Cover model: Jonathan L


Author: Jaclyn Osborn Cover Model: Mat W.


Author: Quell T Fok Cover model: Guillaume C.

Not Safe at Home

Author: Frances Regan Cover models: Nicolas & David

Luck Under Fire

Author :Trish McCallan Model: Jonathan L

Out of the Ashes

Author: Rachel Langella Model: Will T.

Shock Tactics

By Cara Carnes Cover model : Charles A.

Despite it All

by Reese Knightley Cover model: Simon C.


By Giulia Lagomarsino Cover model: Mathieu L.

Riot Road Wreckers MC

Author: Amy Davies Cover Models : Nicolas & David

Lethal Echo

Author : Cara Carnes Models : Jessica & Mathieu


Author: Irish Winters Model: Paulo G.

Zac's Mulligan

Author : Ann Lister Models : Simon C. & Guillaume C.


Author: Irish Winters Model: Justin L.

Lovers Loveland

Author: K-Lee Klein Model: Guillaume C.

A Shift in the Air

Author : Patricia D Eddy Model: Will T.

Rogue Officer

Author : Patricia D Eddy Model: Francis H.

Rogue Protector

Author : Patricia D Eddy Model : Jonathan L.

His Mate's Secret

Author : L.N. Manning Model : Jordan BV.


Author : Irish Winters Model: Tristan P.


Author: Elisa Leigh Model: Alex B.A.


Author: Nora Phoenix Model: Philippe L.


Author: Piper Stone Model: Alex B.A.

Air Force Hero

Author: Weston Parker Model: Alex B.A.

Braving His Past

Author: Patricia D. Eddy Model: Jérôme L.

Vicious Protector

Author : Maggie Cole Cover Model : Alex B

The Seal's Pregnant Christmas

Author : Katie Knight Model : Alex B.A.

Cowboys Christmas Rodeo

Author : Marie-Sue-Jackson Model: Justin L.

West End Wonder

Author: Sheri Lynn Model: Will T.

Sworn To Protect

Author: Kimberly Readnour Model: Jérôme L.


Author : Abigail Davies Model: Simon C.

Levi, The Casanova Club, Book 9

Author : Ali Parker Model: Jérôme L.

Jeremiah, The Casanova Club, Book 6

Author : Ali Parker Model : Sam N.Z.

His Angel

Author: Amy Bellows Model: Jared F.

Military Dependent

Author : Amy Moler Models : Nick Bayne & Leonardo Bayne

Primary Next Of Kin

Author : Amy Moler Models : Leonardo Bayne & Nick Bayne

Mobster's Fate

Author: Amy Rachiele Cover model: Alex B.

Outback Treasure

Author : Ann Grech Model : Gabriel L.

A Rythm You Feel

Author : Ann Lister Model : Will T.

Beat Of His Own Drums

Author : Ann Lister Models : Jacob DF & Sam C.

Ann Lister 8

Author : Ann Lister Models : Clark W. & Mathieu L.

More Than My Words

Author : Ann Lister Models : Francis H. & Gabriel L

Bulletproof Butterfly

Author : Anna Brooks Model : Chad W.


by Anna-Hackett Cover model: Alex BA


by Anna-Hackett Cover model: Simon C.


Anna-Hackett Cover model: Jordan B.


by Anna-Hackett Cover model: Derek K

Weapons Master

by Anna-Hackett Cover model: Giancarlo C.

Mission: Her Justice

Author : Anna Hackett Model : Francis B.

Double The Trouble

Author: Becky McGraw Model: Simon C.


Author: Brenda K Davies Model: Jérôme L.

Red Heat book 1

Author: CA Clark Cover model: Mike J.

Battle Scars

Author: Cara Carnes Cover model: Dominic C.

Impact Zone

Author: Cara Carnes Cover model: Simon C & Alexandra G

Hostile Ground

Author: Cara Carnes Cover model: Jonathan L.


Author: Cara Carnes Model: Alex B.

Carson Mackenzie 02
Carson Mackenzie 02
Carson Mackenzie
Charity Parkerson
Chelsea Handcock 1
Darlene Tallman 01
Dora Esquivel
Elle Keaton 01
Emery Jacobs 01
Ethan Stone 01
Glenna Sinclair 2
Glenna Sinclair 3
Glenna Sinclair
Hadley Raydeen 2
Iris McKairin 01
Irish-Winters 03
Irish-Winters 07
Irish-Winters 08
JP kenwood 02
JP kenwood 4
Jacki James 01
Jaclyn Osborn 05
Jaclyn Osborn 6
Jaclyn Osborn
Jaimie Roberts
Jane Henry 2
Jason Collins 01
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Jenna Galicki 4a
Jo Raven 3
K L Donn 3
K L Donn 4
K L Donn 5
K-Lee Klein
KL Shandwick
Kaje Harper 3
Katherine Rhodes 1
Katie Knight
L.N. Manning 01
Lane Hart 01
Lexi Post - Syneca Featherstone cover ar
Linny Lawless
Lisa 01
Lisa Oliver 02
Lisa Oliver 02
Lisa Oliver 04
Lisa Oliver 05
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Lisa Oliver 07
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Lisa oliver 15
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Liz Durano
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Nicky James 1
Nicole Snow
Nikki Worrell
Nora Flite
Patricia D
Patricia D. Eddy 02
Patricia D. Eddy
R.E. Butler 01
Rebecca Thein 02
Rebecca Thein
Red Phoenix 01
Riley Edwards
Riley Edwards 01
Riley Edwards 03
S M Shade
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Siobhan 3 profil
Siobhan 4
Siobhan 6
TL Travis 01
Taylor Rylan 2a
Taylor Rylan
Tina Saxon
Weston Parker 1
Weston Parker 2
Weston Parker 3
Weston Parker 4
Weston Parker 5
Xavier Neal 7a
Xavier neal 9 2
ann lister 11
ann lister 11
ann lister 12
ann lister 12
cj pinard Kellie Denis
nicholas bella 5a
sarah grimm 3
xavier neal 1a
xavier neal 2 a
xavier neal 3a
xavier neal 888